Instruction and Certifications

From a novice to expert continual education and training is a great way to expand your abilities and knowledge of the sport we all love. At Beach Bum Diving we are committed to safety, proper training and of course fun!

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Learn basic diving skills and a 2 tank boat dive

$120      4 hrs.


Refresh basic skills and a 2 tank boat dive.

$110      2-3 hrs.

Open Water Referral

This course is for those students who have already completed academic and confined water training. (Padi, NAUI, SSI) The student must bring a signed referral form from their classroom and confined water instructor, copy of medical, dive tables and a log book. There is an extra charge of $30 for the certification envelope if the student does not bring one. 2 dives from the beach and 2 dives from the boat.

$250       2-3 hrs.

Open Water Certification

Entire certification process. Academic, beach and boat dive training – total of 7 dives, 5 dives from the beach and 2 dives from the boat.

$440       4 days

Advanced open water Certification

Improve Open Water skills – 5 dives total. 2 required dives and 3 dives of choice.
The core dives included in the advanced course are navigation and deep dives plus3 elective dives. Together with your instructor you decide which Dives you would like to take: Night Diving, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search and Recovery, Drift Diving

$295      2-3 days

Emergency First Responder

Medical First Aid – This course must be completed prior to the rescue course.

$150      2 days

Rescue Diver

Emergency and Rescue skills – from the beach

$400       2-3 days

Dive Master

Learn expert, advanced dive skills and knowledge, leadership skills and assist Instructors – 12 – 15 dives from the beach and from the boat.

$900      12-16 days

Nitrox Specialty

Qualifies you to dive with Nitrox tanks with up to 40% oxygen – includes a 2-tank boat dive

$250      2 days

Note: All of our instructional courses (except the referral course) includes all necessary equipment, training manuals, etc.

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